Amazon Fire Phone Promotion – Save $450 with Coupon

Amazon has recently taken a break from dominating just about every other industry to bring consumers a new smartphone with a number of unique features. Though buyers aren’t exactly clamoring for this new phone like they might for a new release from one of the major smartphone producers, this smartphone brings something that many other phones on the market lack—tech that users have asked for and really want. With developments like the Fire TV and e-readers and tablets that are taking over the market, we expect to see the Fire Phone gain popularity as consumers begin to realize what it has to offer. Like everything else being sold on Amazon, you can get this phone for much less with a promo code.

Fire Phone
The construction is fairly typical—with one exception. The Fire Phone boasts a total of six cameras, and five of those cameras are on the front of the phone. It has a 4.7-inch display, making it perfect for one-handed operation, which is a serious plus for most users. At barely 9 mm thick, it’s not the slimmest phone on the market, but it’s definitely not the chunkiest, either. It’s substantial, but it doesn’t feel like a brick. It’s running Android, but with a cleaner look that some other phones in its same class.

It does have six cameras in total—which may feel excessive until you find out what they are for. There is the typical rear-facing and front-facing camera for taking shots of the kids, landscapes, and the occasional selfie. The additional four cameras are positioned at each corner of the device and are designed to track the user’s eye-line. That’s right, the phone is measuring how far you are away from it and where your face is in relation to the phone. This is in order to enable a feature called Dynamic Perspective.

Dynamic Perspective
The four cameras give the phone the ability to track the angle at which the user is viewing the phone. Why would this be useful? It gives the phone the ability to present 3-D landscapes, to augment the appearance of its screen so that it is viewed optimally from whatever angle the user happens to be looking at his phone. The only problem with this feature is that there are just not that many uses for it yet. While Fire Phone does come with a few games that can be played just by moving the head and nodding to make the character perform certain tasks, it does not serve very many other purposes. With more developments to come, it will be exciting to see what Amazon does with this technology.

Cloud Storage
Each Fire Phone comes with unlimited cloud storage, which is a major benefit for people who like to work on the go and want access to their information no matter where they are. Instead of capping users off at a few gigs, Fire Phone users will be able to store as much as they want as long as they want, without any complaints from either the phone or Amazon. This also means that most users will see improved performance on their phones, as the cloud keeps the phone’s processor from being too bogged down in storage-related tasks.

Firefly is another feature that is totally unique to the Fire Phone and one that most consumers will find extremely useful. At the lowest level, Firefly is a QR and barcode reader, but the information that it presents is going to be far more useful than the information that typically pops up after a scan. If a user wants to compare the price of something found in store to something on Amazon, all he has to do is scan the barcode and Amazon will prompt him with a purchase page.

Amazon Fire Phone
$450 Coupon
Right now, the asking price for the Fire Phone is about $650 flat, without a plan. With a plan promotion, that number drops to $200, making it competitively priced with other smartphones in its class. The question, however, is whether or not that price is worth it for the features that the consumer receives. For starters, a Fire Phone buyer gets 32GB of storage, which is twice as many as most other smartphones offer. And then there are all of the unique features that no other phone on the market can match. For the same price as other high-end smartphones, users get much more when the purchase a Fire Phone. Currently, AT&T is the only network carrying this smartphone.

  • 4.7 inch screen, complete with Gorilla Glass
  • 32GB of internal memory, in addition to unlimited cloud storage
  • Weighs less than 6 oz.
  • Running the newest version of Android
  • 13MP camera and optical image stabilization for the best pictures, even in low light
  • 1080p video capture on both front-facing and rear-facing cameras
  • Dedicated camera button—instead of searching for the camera app, click right into it for spur of the moment pictures
  • 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor

Save Additional $100 with Amazon Fire Phone Coupon Code
One year Amazon Prime Membership is free with a new Fire Phone. There are plenty of features on the Amazon Fire Phone that buyers are simply not going to find on any other smartphone on the market today. The question is, however, are they worth abandoning a true and tested phone company, for one that is just finding its legs? If Amazon’s success in the tablet market is any indication, the answer is yes. Fire Phone is destined to be just the first in a long line of smartphones that are more intuitive to use and react to how humans use the phone, instead of demanding that users learn a new phone’s systems every time they need a new device.